Who we are?

Our collection has a unique spirit of its own. What sets Filosophie apart from other brands is the fact that we don’t copy trends – rather, we put our own twist on them.

We won´t show you just anything – we want to inspire you. Or even surprise you. We refuse to do what everyone else is doing and like to color outside the lines. An overdose of creativity in combination with impeccable craftsmanship is our secret recipe to offer a beautiful range of unique handmade products.

All our products are handmade in our atelier in Nepal. We have consciously chosen to produce unique handmade creations over mass-market products in order to encourage the cultivation of century old local traditions. We want to motivate and empower the artisans in a positive way because we strongly believe that their craftsmanship makes a big difference. Craftsmanship, for us, is a dedication – a pride in one’s work. This is the beating heart of our business.

We also believe in a more sustainable way of doing business. One that considers the needs of our planet and its people. Therefore we´d like to emphasize that all our products are made by extremely skillful hands and 100% free from child labor.

We are a strong advocate of no child labor and dedicated to fulfilling a commitment to social justice. We believe that all children should receive protection and education opportunities in order to ensure a better future for them, our society and to improve the quality of life for future generations. Therefore, we are very committed to see to it that there is no child labor involved in any of our projects.

More than a fashion brand, Filosophie is a state of mind. By purchasing our handmade products you receive a unique product and allow artisans and craftspeople in the developing world to support their families and communities.

We hope you enjoy our handmade products as much as we do!