our Mindset
Ethical Values

Ethical values is a mindset that we take very serious at Filosophie. We not only value our customers who keep us in business, but also our people and suppliers since they are the ones that truly make the magic happen. We want to make sure that everyone involved in making your garment is treated well and paid fairly.

Having a love and respect for the country and people that we trade with, we are determined that our business would help rather than exploit the people with which we trade. We believe in shared success. Therefore we believe that trade, more so than aid, can make the biggest contribution to battling poverty.

We support this traditional and small scale production by spreading the word (and love) to create a demand for these beautiful handmade goods that these artisans so skilfully produce. In this way we want to encourage them to keep their traditions alive and at the same ensure that they get a fair reward.

The impact of mass products on our precious environment is immense and we hope to encourage people to be more conscious of where their products come from and more importantly who makes them.

Each year Filosophie spends time abroad overseeing all of our production whilst working alongside the workers and artisans. Therefore we´d also like to emphasise that all our products are made by extremely skilful hands and 100% free from child labor.

Our “filosophie” is very simple: Look good, feel good, do good. By purchasing our handmade products you receive a unique product and allow artisans and craftspeople in the developing world to support their families and communities.